Government of Western Australia

This website provides details of current Prohibited Behaviour Orders (PBOs) that have been made by a Western Australian court and publicised under the provisions of the Prohibited Behaviour Orders Act 2010.

What is a PBO?

A PBO can be made by a court against serial anti-social offenders aged 16 and over. A PBO specifies certain restrictions on a person that aim to prevent that person from engaging in future anti-social offending. PBOs will usually be made public. The purpose of this publication is to ensure the community and police can work together to ensure the terms of the PBO are being followed, and offenders who breach their PBOs are quickly apprehended by police.

What should I do if I think someone is breaching their PBO?

If you suspect someone is breaching the terms of a PBO published on this website, those breaches can be reported to WA Police by calling 131 444 or by contacting your local police station.

What happens to an offender if they breach their PBO?

If an offender breaches the conditions of a PBO, they can be arrested, charged and brought back before the courts. A breach of a PBO is a serious offence which may result in a term of imprisonment.